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Nintendo’s Occult Legacy: Kirby and His Supernatural Friends

Nintendo games are rife with occult imagery, from the ghosts of Super Mario Bros to the fairies of the Legend of Zelda.

And after listening to Episode 2 of Fake Ritual: The Podcast, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into Nintendo’s Occult Legacy.

But let’s explore a lesser-known game world – that of Nintendo’s hungriest hero, Kirby.

Knowing very little, ourselves, about the magical mysteries of Kirby’s world, we were surprised to find a cast of characters brimming with supernatural energies and magical themes.

Fake Ritual took the time to explore 3 of these entities and see what they had to tell us about themselves.


This world’s proverbial God of the Dead, Necrodeus and his demon horde, the Skull Gang, fear the Light and wish to extinguish it forever.

Made of bone and shadow, this being’s cadaverous visage conceals many secrets, most notably the inhuman eye concealed between its fanged jaws.

There exists a shrine unto Necrodeus, in a place known as Necro Nebula, proclaiming His undeniable influence to those who would dare visit it.


Born of a strange and mysterious painting come to life, Drawcia uses her power of sorcery to transform’s Kirby’s world into one of paint; one only she can control.

Her magical powers allow her to summon various shadow-beings from within any painting she sets her gaze upon – formidable foes for our pink warrior.

Drawcia calls upon Creation itself to fuel her occult abilities, transforming artistic expression into a deadly weapon.


Hyness’ descent into madness began as an obsession with one Elder God of this world, Void Termina, the True Destroyer of Worlds.

Though once a Jambastian priest-king, Hyness quickly became a dangerous zealot – as is too often the case; for like a knife, belief is a tool.

Prone to extreme mood swings, he wields the undead bodies of those Three Mage Sisters, beings he once saved now reduced to nothing more than a means to his destructive end.

The End?

Far from it!

Kirby’s world is overflowing with occult characters. Who are your favorites?

Comment below!

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