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Welcome Fakers, One & All!

Uncover a world of myth, magick & mystery hidden within your favorite media.

Newest Episode:

Video Games from Hell + Caleb Pass Fake Ritual

"Edgelord Art" | Longtime friend of the show Caleb Pass returns to talk the many video game interations of that fiery underworld we know and love so much. He and host Lucas Sloppy pit together two well-known condemned classics in a Hell-off to make the devil proud before unearthing some dishonorable mentions, each featuring their own torturous netherrealms. Go to Hell! We'll see you there.

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Featured Post:

Bad but Not Evil: False Prophets & B-Movies

Little Marjoe Gortner was born to preach. But, then again, he really had no choice. Born in 1944 to a family of ministers, the pulpit was all he ever knew; all he was ever allowed to know. But there’s no denying he was good at it. He toured the country.…

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