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Welcome Fakers, One & All!

Uncover a world of myth, magick & mystery hidden within your favorite media.

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questions from the void + emily burnett Fake Ritual

Emily Burnett is back to see if she can handle the soul-sucking nothingness that is the Void! Lucas does his best not to lose his mind as he probes the Void's slimy depths to bring forth a number of silly little questions.

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Featured Post:

Hellhound on My Trail: Devil Dogs Across Mythologies

“Over the souls of those submerged beneath that mess, is an outlandish, vicious beast, his three throats barking, doglike: Cerberus.” In Dante’s 14th-century epic poem Inferno, we are taken on a journey through Hell. Beneath the earth, Dante descends the nine concentric circles of sin. In the third circle he…

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