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Welcome Fakers, One & All!

Uncover a world of myth, magick & mystery hidden within your favorite media.

Newest Episode:

Tremors + Emily Burnett Fake Ritual

"It Ain't Worm Town" | Lucas welcomes back longtime friend of the show Emily Burnett to talk the Tremors film franchise and those pesky Graboids we know and love so much. Tread lightly as they sift through many a ground-breaking sequel before turning an occult eye to the sandworms themselves and testing Emily's knowledge of other subterranean wigglers. Can you dig it?

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Featured Post:

Hellhound on My Trail: Devil Dogs Across Mythologies

“Over the souls of those submerged beneath that mess, is an outlandish, vicious beast, his three throats barking, doglike: Cerberus.” In Dante’s 14th-century epic poem Inferno, we are taken on a journey through Hell. Beneath the earth, Dante descends the nine concentric circles of sin. In the third circle he … Continue reading Hellhound on My Trail: Devil Dogs Across Mythologies

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